Saturday, December 15, 2012

Geocaching and Surviving Zombie Outbreaks?

(WARNING: Graphic Content May Not Be Suitable for All Viewers)

"Geocacher’s Guide to Surviving a Zombie Outbreak"

Even though this Latitude 47 blog post is more of a promotion to sell geocaching gifts and gear, you have to give them props for their clever way to grab people's attention. For instance, the link labeled "13 essentials to survive a zombie outbreak", which takes you to's holiday gift shop.

(zombie-blog-picture from Latitude 47)

I have to admit that I have also been caught up with the current Zombie phenomenon sweaping the world. The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, and Resident Evil are a few of my favorites!

(Watch every 'Walking Dead' zombie kill ever)

(28 Days Later... (2002) - IMDb)

(Six Reviewers Really Can’t Agree On Resident Evil 6)

Why are Zombies so popular today? It may be due to the economic hardships we have been dealing with in recent years. Zombies could symbolize the feelings we have of helplessness and hopelessness in our societies. Either that or we simply enjoy the gore and excitement of watching characters like Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead and other regular folk much like ourselves, slashing zombies heads with a machete, axe, etc.

Zombies or not, it's always good to be prepared!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For ... Ireland's Best Caches

Geocaching Ireland Links: "Ireland - Best Caches (shared, public)"

Geocaching Ireland @

JoeVlogsTV's channel (Irishman, vlogger, geocaching enthusiast)

trackable Geocaching Ireland coin

from Geocaching Ireland (

Riddle Me This?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vaya geocaching en Chile!

Go Chile is a online travel agency offering consulting services and reviews on hotels in Chile, tours, cruises, flights and car rental deals. offers up some insight and advice on geocaching in Chile:

Where to Practice

Although the sport is very recent, nearly 340.000 hidden caches exist in more that 130 countries around the world. The numbers in South America are growing, with about 500 caches (as of Nov, 2006) and Chile being the most developed geocaching country with around 165. We hope that soon more gocachers will unite us.

Geocaching is not solely about searching, but also hiding caches. For more information on how to hide caches, refer to

You can search geocaches in Chile, from with the link below:

* Geocaches in Chile


- Take the same precautions that you would when you go on a hike or trekking trip.
- Advise or warn someone about your travel itinerary
- Take a map, water, sun protection and a flashlight in case the night catches you in the way.
- Do not underestimate the time for the trip. The distance of the GPS indicates a direct route.
- Choose a cache in accordance with the difficulty and your abilities as well as the people who are accompanying you.
- It is convenient that you familiarize yourself with the area through a topo map and identify the possible obstacles and dangers.

While you are in Chile, you might also want to plan a trip to Rapa Nui island (aka Easter Island, Spanish: Isla de Pascua). Do a little more geocaching and sightseeing amongst ancient stone statues, called "moai" by the islanders.

The "GeoKs”(JEE-oh-kays) chronicled their island geocaching adventure on their blog, Geocaching Around the World – Chile (Rapa Nui), which also includes some awesome photographs!

Got a case of Wanderlust? Thinking about living abroad? A US expat currently living in Chile, Leslie Foreman's site ( has some great tips on how to become a global citizen! Also, read her article on Brazen Life; How to Launch Your Career Overseas.

GPS Coordinate Converter/Mapper Online Tools

Check out some of Jeff Boulter's handy GPS tools at

We've used the GPS Coordinate Converter to plot multiple waypoints on one map. It is fairly easy to use, but it would be nice if it had better map printing options other than just printing the web page, and the map view area could be larger. This tool also converts coordinates into different formats of Latitude and Longitude data such as in decimal degrees(WGS84), degrees/minutes/seconds, GPS, and UTM.