Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An amazing urban puzzle geocache :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Geocaching.com Presents: LOST Places - GERMANY 'Stadt im Wald'

Upon discovering this Geocaching YouTube video, I felt reanimated because a few months ago I decided to start trying to learn the German language.  Although, to be honest it has been slow going since I am attempting to teach myself German through various online lessons, etc.  Even though I still have a lot of Deutsch lernen to do, I was happy to be able to understand a few words such as:
  • Stadt [shtat] = City
  • Wald [valt] = Forest
So then, 'Stadt im Wald' in English means 'City in the Forest'.
  • mein Name ist (insert your name here) [miyn nahmuh ist] = My name is ...
  • und mein Geocaching Name ist ... = and my geocaching name is ...
  • alten Plätze [alten pletsuh] = old places
  • klein [kliyn] = small
  • The word 'Geocaching' [GEE-oh-cashing] is a no brainer.

Anyways, maybe this will inspire some of you to learn another language, and expand your Geocaching territory!

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Note:  This video is spoken entirely in German. Click the CC button for English or German subtitles.

About this video:
Watch the first Geocaching.com Presents video from Germany. Join a group of German geocachers as they explore a Lost Place cache. Lost Place Caches takes geocachers to a location that has been all but forgotten by time. Follow a group of geocachers as they search an abandoned Soviet military base. It's located in what used to be East Germany.
Sehe das erste "Geocaching.com Presents" Video aus Deutschland. Schließ dich der Gruppe von deutschen Geocachern an, als sie einen Lost Place, der sie zur einer ehemaligen sowjetischen Militärbasis führt, erforschen.
Geocache Location of reference:
Brandenburg, Germany
N 53°03  E 013° 22
This Geocache looks like so much freakin’ fun!   :D 
If you are planning a VaCachen, you may also want to read these posts:

Sadly, I have to report that this popular Multi-Cache is no longer.  After the demolition of parts of the site, damage allegedly caused by geocachers, and too many visitors in the late evening hours, the final access point has been sealed forever by the forester.  The owner of the cache (hornesia caches) has terminated the cache.
"City in the forest (GC17K3A) was undoubtedly one of the most famous German Lost Places caches. Was similar to known really just "The Ruins of prow" which was sent to the archive forever also a few weeks ago."
Never fear!  There are still thousands of geocaches to find throughout Germany and Europe.

Geocaching in Deutschland Geocaching.de - Die deutschsprachige Informationsplattform über das Hobby Geocaching in Deutschland.  (The German-language platform for information on the hobby of geocaching in Germany.)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Geocaching and Surviving Zombie Outbreaks?

(WARNING: Graphic Content May Not Be Suitable for All Viewers)

"Geocacher’s Guide to Surviving a Zombie Outbreak"

Even though this Latitude 47 blog post is more of a promotion to sell geocaching gifts and gear, you have to give them props for their clever way to grab people's attention. For instance, the link labeled "13 essentials to survive a zombie outbreak", which takes you to geocaching.com's holiday gift shop.

(zombie-blog-picture from Latitude 47)

I have to admit that I have also been caught up with the current Zombie phenomenon sweaping the world. The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, and Resident Evil are a few of my favorites!

(Watch every 'Walking Dead' zombie kill ever)

(28 Days Later... (2002) - IMDb)

(Six Reviewers Really Can’t Agree On Resident Evil 6)

Why are Zombies so popular today? It may be due to the economic hardships we have been dealing with in recent years. Zombies could symbolize the feelings we have of helplessness and hopelessness in our societies. Either that or we simply enjoy the gore and excitement of watching characters like Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead and other regular folk much like ourselves, slashing zombies heads with a machete, axe, etc.

Zombies or not, it's always good to be prepared!