Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Reasons to Geocache Around the World

GO GLOBAL! Here is an article that will inspire you...

Harness Your Inner Amazing Race Contestant: 5 Reasons to Geocache Around the World
By Mary Richardson, March 29th, 2010 on BootsnAll Travel Network (go here to read full article)

Here are their five reasons to incorporate geocaching into your travel plans.
1. Geocaching Has Gone Global
"Since its inception, the geocache craze has spread all over the world – and I mean all over.

Not only are there caches right now probably within a 20 mile radius of you, but they are waiting to be discovered in thousands of international locations. There are caches hidden among the temple ruins of Angkor Wat, side alleys in Barcelona, and jungles in Okinawa.

This means that you can participate almost any place you happen to be visiting, or design trips based on descriptions sounding interesting to you. Perhaps even more relevant in these trying economic times, however, is that you can trek around your own city and entertain that wanderlust without ever leaving home."

2. Geocaching Takes You Off the Beaten Path
"While searching for that cache down a side street in Rome, for example, you might find a tasty hole in the wall to eat your lunch, which could end up being the best Italian food of your life. Or you might saunter through a public park in China and come upon an interesting artistic performance."

3. Geocaching Gets You Closer to Nature
"Because the caches are stashed where they can’t easily be tampered with, you’ll sometimes find yourself immersed in natural beauty."

4. Geocaching is Great for Planners and Spontaneous Sorts
"In fact, geocaching appeals to both types of traveler as it provides a short-term specific goal and chance environments. In addition, it’s ideal for imparting that same sense of purpose for solo travelers as well as families with children, who perhaps need a reason to be excited about being away from home."

5. Geocaching Involves You in a Community
"Geocaching enhances your sense of involvement in a dynamic global community. You’re encouraged to record your discoveries online as well as post anecdotes and pictures of your enterprises.

More importantly, you’re given a unique opportunity to “craft” experiences for others to enjoy. Did you stumble upon a special waterfall while hiking in Hawaii? Place a cache nearby and bestow the encounter on a fellow nature-lover. Wandering around narrow side streets in Tokyo, did you find an interesting temple? Hide a geocache in a crevice in the wall and lead another person right to it."

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