Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How To Make Your Own Low-Cost Geocoins [wooden nickels]

FYI, we posted a new geocoin idea at How To Make Your Own Low-Cost Geocoins - Part 2 [Shrinky Dinks]

How To Make Your Own Homemade Geocoins ...

There's a cheaper way to do it. Jonathan and Lindy found a way to create your own, low-cost, custom wooden nickels for geocaching. Thanks!

For instructions go to Jonathan Swatkowski's blog at Been having trouble accessing their site, sorry. You can get the general idea on how to make these from pictures here.

My solution to, "...they might still smear a little if they get wet." Maybe try spraying them with clear interior/exterior sealer enamel, like Valspar clear satin.


Jonathan Swatkowski said...

Hello there,
Sorry for the trouble you have had accessing my website. I hadn't updated that one for a long time and decided to delete it. I still have a copy of it saved and will re-post it for your and send you a link when I have it up!

GeoProspectorS said...

Hi Jonathan.
No worries. Glad you saved it!
Let me know when you're up and running again. So many people continue to be interested in your homemade geocoins post. :)
Thank you!