Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ducktivities? Duct-Tape Crafts Ideas

According to, "Ducktivities are what we call fashion, crafts or anything else made using Duck Tape®." Go there for more tips and ideas.

It also comes in handy on a camping or hiking trip. ( Uses for Duct Tape While Camping - ) Maybe you could come up with some creative duct-tape ideas for geocaching swag, containers, etc.

You might have seen those cooky MythBusters tv shows on the Discovery Channel, where they make a duct-tape bridge or a boat made almost entirely out of duct-tape. No doubt this is strong stuff that can be used in a wide variety of ways!

A Tailgate net for your pick-up truck. Really? Wow!

Here's some Duck® Tape Drink Koozies

Or look at this cool Duct Tape Wallet.

Disney Family Fun ( has come up with some Duct Tape Hiking Gear

Camouflage any Geocaching-Container with Camo Tape!(found @ We've come across a couple of these camouflaged geocache containers and boy are they tough to find, especially the smaller ones!

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