Thursday, April 7, 2011

Geocaching gives back in a big way - Garmin blog

Geocaching gives back in a big way
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Looking for an outdoor activity that you can do anytime, with anyone, with no admission costs and countless health benefits? In one of the many testimonials we receive, Tami Spaulding from Big Lake, Alaska, tells us how she overcame daunting obstacles while reaching a geocaching milestone:

I started caching about 3 years ago in between health issues and hospital stays. I finally got my 700th find on the 14th of May 2008. This is a very special feat for me since 6 months ago I was told to get my affairs in order and give power of attorney to my family because of a massive blood clot in my right leg. I have so many medical problems they have told me I would not do things. Well, I have proven them wrong - through geocaching and the Lord I have made it further than ever expected and plan on going for years to come. I love my Colorado 400t and I am so glad I received this as a gift and what a gift it is. Thank you Garmin for making things so fun and getting me out in the world again with a purpose. Geocaching is my favorite thing to do and doing it keeps me looking forward to moving onward for many years to come.

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