Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Happy Caching Story on Texada Island

Enjoy this enchanting geocaching story about their travels to Texada Island, B.C., Canada / "How to Cache Texada Island".
Describes 12 caches while visiting Texada Island.
posted by Dawnelle on the Trees, Trails & Tupperware blog.

(January 19, 2011)

"Well we just got back from Texada Island. Our 5th visit and it was of course just as wonderful as it's always been. We rent the same little place with an incredible view of the ocean right beside Shelter Point Park. It's quiet and peaceful and we just renew & rest.

There is only one thing wrong with our perfect retreat now... there's only one more cache left on the island for me to find!

So I thought that I'd write this post as my "How to Cache Texada Island" entry. If you are planning a trip to this wonderful place and you want to do some caching this should help." ..... continue reading at Texada Island - Our Happy "Caching" Place

Map of Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island with Texada Island at top center. BC Ferry routes outlined in blue. found @


Dawnelle said...

I noticed I was getting quite a few visitors from Alaska to my blog... now I know why! LOL

Thanks for the post and the link. Enjoyed reading your blog as we are planning to visit Alaska on June 7th. Can't wait to do some caching in your state. I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about after we're done.

Thanks again and happy caching!

GeoProspectorS said...

Hello neighbor!!
Thanks for stopping by Dawnelle! I also really enjoyed your blog, that's why I wanted to share. =)
As you probably can tell, I like to post about good things I've found here and there.

Welcome to Alaska, in advance!! I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic time geocaching here since there are over 4,000 caches to find in our beautiful state. Don't forget your insect repellent! Looking forward to reading about your trip on your blog.