Monday, April 4, 2011

Geocaching Your Way To Weight Loss!

Geocahing is just another great way to be more active and healthy, especially if you prefer outdoor activities.

"Expand your weight loss efforts by hitting the trails. Geocaching is an activity that gives hiking a purpose and is a unique way to increase your cardio.
"Is Geocaching Really Exercise?

Absolutely! Hiking through paths and wooded trails is a great way to get exercise and work towards your weight loss goals. You can go at your own pace. For beginners, there is no time limit, so pace yourself and have fun with it. For the more advanced hiker, however, you can choose more challenging paths and walk at a quicker pace for a better workout.

What better way to get exercise than to be hiking outdoors for several hours and not even realize it because your focus is on locating the cache."
Read more at Suite101: Hiking With a Purpose: Geocache is Fun Exercise

[[Add Adventure to Your Walks with Geocaching
Hunt for Hidden Treasure with this Family-Friendly Activity -- By Christopher Stormann, Ph.D.
, article & pic found at]]

According to Exercise for weight loss: Calories burned in 1 hour By Mayo Clinic, the estimated number of calories burned while doing various exercises for one hour. Specific calorie expenditures vary widely depending on the exercise, intensity level and your individual situation.

Weight of person and calories burned = Activity (1-hour duration)

160 lbs / 200 lbs / 240 lbs
(73 kg) / (91 kg) / (109 kg)

511 cal / 637 cal / 763 cal = Backpacking

292 cal / 364 cal / 436 cal = Bicycling, < 10 mph, leisure

438 cal / 546 cal / 654 cal = Hiking

584 cal / 728 cal / 872 cal = Jogging, 5 mph

183 cal / 228 cal / 273 cal = Walking, 2 mph

277 cal / 346 cal / 414 cal = Walking, 3.5 mph

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