Monday, April 4, 2011

geocaching epic FAIL (LoL/humor)

Hey guys, no worries. Been there, done that! lol
Thanks to David!!
geocaching fail (322/365v2010:11/18)

geocaching fail (322/365v2010:11/18) By pikespice
"This is a re-enactment of something that happened yesterday... and quite frankly happens too often whenever I go geocaching: I search the wrong area for a long time, get frustrated and leave, only to later find out where I should have looked and it was way obvious when I got there."


David said...

Thanks for featuring my picture on your blog. =) I had a lot of fun making it (and not so much fun tracking down the darn cache!).

I found your blog when I viewed my Flickr stats and saw some views coming in from here.

GeoProspectorS said...

Thanks David! A lot of people are enjoying this pic of yours. ;)
If you post any more unique and/or funny pics like this one, please let me know.
Happy 'caching!!